Image courtesy of KAPA

The Ajax mine project is the most pressing issue currently facing the Kamloops Physicians for a Healthy Environment Society. We have serious concerns about the proximity of this proposed project to the 90,000 citizens of Kamloops. We have not been able to find an example of another mine of this size and scope that has been given a permit to operate in such close proximity to a large population base in Canada.

Many issues have been identified with other open pit mining operations. Many open pit mines have had problems with acid mine drainage, water contamination. Dust and diesel emissions contribute to air pollution, and the many trucks, crushers, conveyors and plant activities can lead to noise pollution 24 hours per day. Blasting is planned to happen once per day and would be a source of noise, dust, vibration and a "blast plume" that can contain explosive byproducts.

Please see the following links for information about the health issues that have arisen at a mine in Peterborough for an example of the kinds of issues that can arise in open pit mine operations:

For more information about the proposed Ajax project you can find the proponents feasibility study at: