Kamloops Medical Health Officer's concerns over Ajax Mine project shared by colleagues in Public Health

October 31, 2013

Kamloops Physicians for a Healthy Environment Society received a large number of documents under a Freedom of Information Act Request. In addition to concerns expressed by local Medical Health Officer Dr. Peter Barss in June 2012, the documents suggest that several colleagues in Public Health shared his concerns.

Interior Health Authority Environmental Health Officer Misty Palm: " . . . the proposed Ajax project is unprecedented in respect of the potential noise and air quality impacts on an urban centre."

Dr. Rob Parker, IHA Medical Health Officer (Okanagan) stated in an email to Dr. Barss, June 22, 2012: "I think there are obvious and significant concerns for potentially situating such a major mine so close to a sizeable community, and extreme due diligence should be taken by all parties to ensure that human health is protected - I think you give good voice to that."

BC Centre for Disease Control Physician Epidemiologist, Dr. Catherine Elliot, expressed her concerns May 25, 2012: " . . . there is no methodology in these plans for human health risk assessment."

Kamloops Physicians for a Healthy Environment Society share all of the concerns expressed by these Public Health experts. We are advocating for a full Health Impact Assessment of the project.

The associated emails (as well as the Dr. Barss email discussed last week) will be released on our website today. For more information about our group or the health impacts of air pollution, please refer to our website: www.kphe.ca.